Top Ten: Croatia

So Croatia has so much to see and do choosing a top ten was fairly difficult. I have done my best to compile my own favorites. Whilst trying to put them in some kind of ranking I realised its impossible. So I hope if you visit Croatia you get to experience as many as possible.

10. Diocletian Palace

Located just off the harbour in Split the Roman ruins of this palace built in the 4th century AD is a must see. It is one of Croatia’s UNESCO world heritage sites. There is a nice little tourist market situated at the entrance and on a hot day its a scenic historical place to cool off.

9. Check out the festival scene

Croatia has a number of music festivals including: INmusic, Hideout and Sonus. If you miss out on the festivals you can still have a good night out in many of the beach bars and clubs.

8. Dubrovnik city walls

For a fantastic view of the old town take a walk around the 1.94 km walls that surround the city. They have served to protect the city since the middle ages.

7. Croatian islands

Why not stop off on the beautiful scattered pieces of paradise that hug the coast of Croatia. Whether its sailing through the Sibenik Archipelago or stopping on Hvar or Vis. This is a definite must just try and plan for when the sea’s are calm.

6. Dubrovnik old town

Yes an other UNESCO heritage site. You can enter through the fantastic Pile gate and see Onofrio fountain; a large dome shaped fountain. Walk in and out of the narrow side streets and sample some of the local seafood in the restaurants.


5. Sample the local food:

Strukli was the most unique thing I ate when in Croatia. It is a sort of pastry filled with various flavours of cottage cheese. Best eaten on a rainy day with a strong coffee or glass of wine.


4. Sample the wine 

Croatia’s best kept secret is how fantastic its local wine is. If you are lucky visit some of the local vineyards. If not just order a glass or bottle to share with your evening meal.

3. Museum of broken relationships 


When in Zagreb this is a must. Possibly one of the most unique museums I have visited. It is a collection of personal items donated by people and an accompanying story. If you are a hopeless romantic like myself bring some tissues. The stories are of those people have lost, mainly romantic relationships. There is humour, anger, loss, love and acceptance. I would make sure you go for a nice meal or do something uplifting afterwards though.

2. View from mount SRD at sunset 


Fantastic views and incredibly romantic. You can either climb the 412 meter hill or take the cable car up depending on how energetic your feeling. Oh and dont forget to bring your camera.

1. Plitvice lakes


What can I say. Its a beautiful piece of paradise and well worth the journey time from the main cities. My personal favourite from my trip to Croatia.

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  1. Great post! Do you have any recommendations for vineyards in Croatia? We’ll be traveling all over Croatia in the spring.


  2. teotuca says:

    Great post! Very useful travel information! Greetings from Romania! 😀

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