Things to do in London

So I will endeavour to choose a few of my favourites from my trips to London. Of course there are the standard visits to St Paul’s, parliament and Buckingham palace but that’s not what I will mention in this post. 

    1.Take a rowing boat trip on the Serpantine at Hyde park.

    When the sun is shining, ducklings are bobbing around and your rowing about with a significant other or friends. This is the only place to be on a warm day in London. 

    2. Have drinks or dinner at Circus.

    If you like your food or drinks serves up with a dose of gymnastics this is for you. I want for drinks one evening as the good is fairly expensive although looks good I must say. As you walk upto the door there is no evidence that it’s a restaurant. Just a slate grey door and some bouncers. All very ominous. But it’s worth persevering lovely cocktails and something a bit different. 

    3. Go to the Cinema: Couzon in Chelsea. 

    I don’t often like going to the cinema on holiday. Seems like a bit of a waste. However this is a nice cinema; it has retained a bit of that old cinema atmosphere and when I want it was empty (guessing I was very lucky). Nothing like curling up in your seat with a big bag of popcorn and peering into someone else’s world. 

    4. Speedboat down the Thames. 

    James Bond style ! Great fun and gives you a great view of London from a different angle. 

    5. Splash out on afternoon tea at the Ritz. 

    I was surprised at how reasonable it was. I have to say it’s not an everyday occasion but if your celebrating something definately worth it. You won’t leave hungry. 

    6. Camden. 

    I love wandering through the stalls in Camden. It’s had a recentish face lift but I still love it. 

    7. Take a boat ride canals in camden. 

    I embarked on this with some trepidation as I stepped into a boat with 4 other people. It was great and managed to get a sneak peak of the Zoo from the water. 
    So I hope you check out some of my recommendations next time your in the city. 




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    1. This is great! I am visiting London next year, so I am searching for the ‘non-touristy” things to go 🙂

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      1. There really are so many things to do in London everytime I’m down there I discover more amazing and unusual things. Hope you have a fun trip 🙂

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