Silvia Plath from Ho Chi Minh to Hanoi …

There is a book I have been meaning to read for a long time. Originally it was chosen as the first book to read at a start up book club. Well this never took off and I have to admit I read a few pages and never finished it. I was intrigued by the writing and subject matter so it made it into my suitcase for this trip. 

As I boarded the sleeper train in Ho Chi Minh City at 6 am knowing I wouldn’t be in Hanoi untill 15.45 the next day I found the perfect oportunity to read The bell Jar by Silvia Plath. 

This was her only novel and it was published in 1963. I have to warn you it needs some editing as it shows it’s age; that’s my diplomatic criticism. 

Within weeks of publishing the author took her own life. Reading this book gives an insight into an experience of depression from a first person perspective. For that reason it can be tough reading at times. I have to say it helps taking a break to look out over cloud covered mountains and rice fields.

If I could do the journey again I would break it up by stopping and staying overnight in several places along the way. However it might have meant never getting around to reading that book I had been meaning to read. It might have meant not finding that inner place of calm that comes with no Wi-Fi and access to the stresses of everyday life… 


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  1. I’ve quite enjoyed that book. Maybe because I had a first hand experience with a mental health myself. Tanya Byron’s ‘The Skeleton Cupboard’ is a good read if you’re interested in subjects like that. A great read 🙂

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    1. Thank you for the recommendation I’ll definately check it out.

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  2. dogslegs says:

    I will have a look too

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  3. Daal says:

    am happy to meet a fellow book lover! often the books I’ve read while traveling have become part of my travel experience 🙂

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  4. Trains in Vietnam are so slow, aren’t they? But its slowness is an advantage to keen readers.

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    1. That’s true and the scenery isn’t bad either ☺

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