A stroll through Zagreb 

So this day began with a wander through the streets of zagreb to visit the museum of broken relationships. Perfect tourist option for those of us hopeless romantics. Although I do warn you there are some tear jerking moments as well as inspiring a plethora of other emotions. It is a tribute to lost love with a collection of personal objects demonstrating how unique every relationship truely is. 

After wandering around the streets of Zagreb I began to get a bit peckish. Always in search of something new I found a little place sandwiched between restaurants. I walked through a little lane to a lovely outdoor space with a couple of tables under an umbrella. This was very much appreciated  in the warm teardrops of rain. This was a different meal, cottage cheese with delicate flavours otherwise known as Strukli. 

After leaving the restaurant I popped next door to a little gift shop, selling fairly standard ceramics with a Croatian twist. After engaging in some chat with the shop keeper I bought a little bell which he went onto customise with a message. Whilst literally waiting for paint to try he spoke to me about religion and politics in the country. Controversial topics as they are it was facinating to peek briefly into the life and journey of a stranger. Reassuringly he spoke of how welcome tourists are in Croatia and how relatively free of crime directed towards tourists is. I can’t say what accuracy this has but it certainly felt safe. 

In my brief time there I only flirted with what this city had to offer before setting off to Plitvice Lakes. Maybe next time I can peer deeper into its heart. 


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  1. thedenblog16 says:

    Love it! I want to see the world, but it’s scary with all the terrorist events . Let and let live!


  2. Ploypiti says:

    It’s awesome 🙂

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  3. wow that is beautiful! love it)))
    btw your blog is such an inspiration)

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    1. Thank you that’s so kind of you to say that 😊

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  4. milliethom says:

    Croatia is on my list of places to see, and I enjoyed reading your overview of it. To find somewhere that feels relatively ‘safe’ nowadays is a bonus.

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