Autonomous travel…

Does truely autonomous travel exist. All journeys are defined by others. Every step we take someone has walked before abait in a different orders. Our journeys are defined by where transport will deliver us. What time of year we can have time off work. What time of year we can travel to remote locations. Flight times, bus routes and train lines. Barriers such as communication. Can we ever travel uniquely and would we ever want to. Travel serves a sociological function to share seemingly ‘adventurous’, ‘well traveled’ ideas with ‘like minded’ people.

The world is accessible and there are very few places we can go that our friends havnt been or won’t be soon if they are sold by your story. We blind ourselves to our stereotypes tourism through organised tours to see ‘real people’ living their ‘real lives’. Some kind of idilic artistic impression of how serene others lives must be. 

But we cant truely understand anothers life. No one can step in another’s footsteps. We only have our own. And wherever we step we will still carry our flawed selves. Perhaps that is the key to unique autonomous travel, our personal experience. 


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